Sleep and Rest

The art of understanding the importance of rest.

Don't just stare at your bed or use it as a place to travel the internet, make sure to create a routine in which you get enough sleep. Away from distractions, such as the phone. I can't emphasize enough, how much sleep is important to me. I feel happier and more clear head with enough sleep. My skin is more rested, I have more energy, I am more optimist and overall more positive.

"Take a vacation”

My reality is such, that not always I can book a vacation in fancy hotels or beautiful resorts. I am in a better place now, but when I went through a difficult divorce and there was absolutely no money sometimes for even the basics but less for vacations. Nevertheless, I found time to escape for a day. I went to a park, I looked to a seat by a lake, a beach, or simply by the Hudson River. I needed some time away from everything. It kept me sane and refreshed.

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